Shifting to Solar Offers Practical Benefits for Economic Recovery

As Australia eases out of lockdown, people are turning their attention towards propositions on how best to restabilise the economy. Others have taken this opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the ecological welfare of the nation. This article will discuss how solar energy provides businesses with optimism in the face of economic and environmental uncertainty.

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Proposing a Change of Pace

This year has brought about various unforeseen conditions both on national and international scales. The effects of these conditions have been felt by citizens all over the world, however with the recent reductions in case rates and community restrictions we can now turn our attention towards resuming business as normal. In fact, “as normal” is just the beginning for some; various organisations and individuals are uniting to treat this hardship as an opportunity for economic and sustainable development. In light of the current circumstances, alternative methods of energy supply are being considered in order to aid in repairing Australia’s economy. Over the past month, discourse on this topic has become more prominent as the time for action grows nearer.

Businesses, unions, and environmental advocacy groups have all expressed their desire for a sustainability-focused economic recovery following the pandemic. Australian Industry Group’s CEO, Innes Willox, has identified post-COVID economic recovery and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 as two of Australia’s greatest challenges. Willox and Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s chairman, Martijn Wilder, therefore propose these would be best addressed together. Recent renewable energy market trends are evidence that resolutions to these issues can not only be complementary to one another, but one in the same. A priority in establishing Australia’s recovery is through effective cost reductions, especially within the energy sector. 

The Clean Energy Council’s A Clean Recovery plan outlines their proposal to stimulate the economy and generate employment across Australia, whilst simultaneously improving national carbon emissions and sustainability. Much of this plan involves increasing both various industries’ capacity for electric operations and broad renewable energy provision, particularly in solar.

There are 4 core reasons why a shift to solar energy offers substantial benefits: it has seen healthy market growth; it is a low-cost substitute to conventional energy; it is both economically and environmentally sustainable; and it is a strategically sound decision for businesses. 


Solar PPAs

Investing in solar energy can be a daunting process for businesses when faced with initial investment costs. Alternatively, Solar PPAs offer a flexible and cost-effective method by which consumers may participate in and enjoy the benefits of the growing solar energy industry. Energy Terrain’s Solar PPAs offer the ability for businesses to utilise cleanly sourced energy in their operations without requiring additional obligations in the form of installation, maintenance, and upfront capital investment. Instead, these will be managed by Energy Terrain in order to provide our clients with the smoothest transition possible. 
Clients are also entitled to government incentives, renewable energy credits and, as an additional benefit, any excess energy generated by Energy Terrain’s Solar PPA systems can be sold by our clients to licenced retailers, and redirected to the local power grid. This not only offsets a portion of the service rates, but allows clean energy access to be extended to the wider community. 

Please review our article What is a Solar PPA? for further information on how Solar PPAs work and what they can offer to your business. 

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